2014 Los Angeles Auto Show


LA Auto Show Radio: Driving Lessons





  • MEDIA: Video, Billboards, Banners, Posters, and Web
  • DATE: 2014


These are extraordinary times for the worldwide automotive Industry: The rise of Silicon Valley as a Mover and Shaper. The merging of car and computer. New tools, new fuels, new rules.

In 2014, LAAS and BHI saw a strategic opportunity to build awareness for The Show by leveraging these broad, emerging changes and position The Show as “the second coming of the wheel.”

The Agency developed an iconic visual for the campaign – a dynamic kaleidoscope that reflected the explosive new energy in Automobility. We set the image to music in an animated video that ran on a dozen screens on LA Live’s walkways across from the LA Convention Center, which hosts The Show. The visual dominated outdoor boards, pole banners and bus wraps throughout the City. It was also featured on the light rail that ran parallel to the Santa Monica Freeway, the world’s busiest that connected West LA to Downtown.

To make buying tickets easier, we refined the website we had retooled in 2013, and created Facebook and other online incentives to get them to buy tickets digitally. “There are no lines online.”

New energy and focus calls for fresh expression. And the Agency successfully redesigned The LA Auto Show logo, the century-old event’s first upgrade in nearly 30 years. First introduction, a 40 x 60 sign that wrapped the entire outside of the West Hall of the LA Convention Center.

One of the new mark’s biggest fans is Lisa Katz, President and CEO of the LA Auto Show. “2014 is a year of epic change in the automotive environment. We wanted to capture that Next Gen excitement in a new logo — but still identify us as an LA icon. Big Honkin’ Ideas took the assignment and ran with it. We love what they did. And we’ve gotten miles and miles out of it already.”