• MEDIA: Full Page Print Ad: Barron’s Magazine
  • DATE: 2013


A funny thing happened to Jefferson National Life on the way to its 70th birthday. It was acquired by the innovative management group that had spearheaded the Internet Banking Revolution. JeffNat would now become the launch pad for an equally audacious and successful notion: The financial industry’s first-ever, flat-fee Variable Annuity.

In 2006, Big Honkin’ Ideas Advertising was reunited with the team it had helped build a $14 billion enterprise with: Telebank/E*TRADE Bank.

Our strategy become clear early. Rather than say “Under New Management,” BHI recommended using the new product’s $240-a-year flat-fee (versus industry average fees of $3,100) to rebrand the company. “Flat is beautiful” became the signature line, battle cry and differentiator.

Another key decision. We targeted the inventive new VA to Registered Independent Advisors and fee-only advisors, a distribution channel predisposed to keeping financial costs down for their high net worth clients.

Jeff Nat’s new value proposition and value-driven advisors were Kismet. Advisors gained an affordable, tax-deferred investment solution while JeffNat gained a built-in, enthusiastic sales force.

To date, with BHI as its advertising partner, JeffNat has accumulated $3 billion+ in assets under management, saved investors over $88 million in fees and attracted over 2,000 independent advisors into the fold.