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Providing Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) with commission-free annuities and other inventive investment solutions since 2017.


Louisville, Kentucky


Financial Services

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100+ employees

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The client

Founded in 2017, DPL Financial Partners is the brainchild of David P. Lau, former COO of Jefferson National Life. After building TeleBank and JeffNat, into multi-billion-dollar businesses, he launched DPL where he brought his disruptive mindset to rewrite the book on Annuities. To date, Annuity sales on the platform have topped $1 billion. (Not coincidentally, David hired Big Honkin’ Ideas as his agency to build all three of these successful companies.)

The challenge

It's no secret why Old School Annuities were so enticing to Old School Financial Advisors. Being commission-based—they were highly profitable. What’s more, they locked up significant chunks of portfolio assets for a tidy amount of time.

But for investors, commission-based annuities were an acquired taste that many never acquired. A guaranteed income for retirement yes—but a lifetime commitment in the bargain.

DPL’s challenge was to overcome the stigma of Annuities and win over the new wave of fee-only advisors with the compelling strengths of DPL’s innovative Commission-Free Annuities.

The solution

To accomplish this, BHI leveraged the negative perception of Annuities and introduced a counter-intuitive campaign — The Beauty of Annuities — which underscored the strengths and benefits of DPL’s Commission-Free alternative.

The beauty of DPL’s Commission-Free Annuities is that they subtract high commissions and deliver better benefits, like lower costs, to the investors.

While the campaign’s headline underscored the fundamental shift to consumer value, its visual expressed the internal energy of the product’s benefits — simplicity, certainty, efficiency, and fiduciary — through sophisticated animation of light.

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“Over a six month period in 2022, digital ads running on industry websites saw 0.79% average CTR and helped drive a 50% increase in DPL’s website traffic. Meanwhile, overall annuity product sales increased more than 20%, MYGA (Multi-year Guaranteed Annuity) sales grew by over 30%, and not coincidentally, DPL saw steady growth in usage of its new annuity calculators.”

Heather RosatoChief Marketing Officer, DPL



Increase in website traffic


Increase in annuity sales

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