Founded in California over 40 years ago, Healthnet provides healthcare plans for every stage of life. Medi-Cal, Medicare, Individual and Family Plans.


Woodland Hills, California



Company size

2,800 employees
$12b annual revenue

Services we provided
  • Strategy
  • Writing
  • Design

The client

HealthNet is a Southern California-based healthcare company founded four decades ago on the belief that every person deserves a safety net for their health — regardless of age, income, employment status or their current state of health. A principle and practice that’s appealed to Californians for over 40 years.

HealthNet currently has 2,800 employees, boasts 3 million members, works with more than 90,000 providers and was recently voted to Newsweek Magazine’s “2022 America's Best Customer Service” among health insurance companies.

The challenge

How do you capture the spirit and build awareness for a company that serves 3 million members in California, the most diverse state in the nation by every demographic measure? For BHI and HealthNet, the answer was this: To create a simple, memorable, compelling and believable proposition built on the reasons that Californians had chosen to live in California — The Golden State’s healthy lifestyle and a support system for their personal well-being. We also aimed to make a splash for HealthNet’s expanded presence in the San Francisco marketplace.

The solution

BHI created a 3-month, broadscale, awareness campaign that saturated the Bay Area with engaging and memorable out-of-home media. Targeted postings included wallscapes, airport kiosks, transit shelters, train and light rail media, and freeway bulletins.

Beyond the number of postings that saturated the market was a set of simple, light-hearted visuals of Californians set off with a simple, signature promise: “Health Nut? HealthNet.”

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