2015 Los Angeles Auto Show


  • MEDIA: Billboards, Banners, and Posters
  • DATE: 2015


Today’s buyers see sophisticated automotive technology as more than their new best friend. They see it as a tangible way to live life on their terms.

Yesterday’s cars took drivers from Point A to Point B. Today’s cars – with their remarkable capabilities – take them on personalized experiences they can map out: journeys with a capital “J.”

Recognizing this shift, BHI and the LA Auto Show geared 2015’s campaign to align with evolving lifestyles, attitudes and Inclinations.

The Agency produced radio campaigns in both English and Spanish to air before and during the Thanksgiving week Show. Did targeted online and social media campaigns to both markets. Posted digital and traditional outdoor in key areas within a 30-mile radius of the downtown Show. Ran magazine and newspaper ads in key Chinese and Korean communities.

We also unveiled a Station Domination inside two of Metro’s highest traffic areas closest to the host, LA Convention Center.

BHI created the logo, signage and strategic advertising for The Connected Car Expo, the three-day Press & Trade Show that has preceded the Consumer Show since 2013. But that’s another story.